Top Thrill Dragster

Height: 420 ft (130 m)

Park: Cedar Point

Country: United States

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Kingda Ka

Height: 456 ft (139 m)

Park: Six Flags Great Adventure

Country: United States

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Superman: Escape from Krypton

Height:456 ft (139 m)

Park: Six Flags Great Adventure

Country: United States

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It's summertime and families can now get the chance to spend time together especially during vacations. The amusement parks present an excellent opportunity since it’s a destination that is filled with lots of different attractions, rides and various other events that allow people to enjoy themselves during a vacation. It's important to note that the amusement parks often have fixed location as when compared to the traveling carnivals. Besides that, for families, amusement parks presents the best option for enjoying the holidays since they are more elaborate and simple than playgrounds or even city parks, thereby meaning that they have several attractions meant for all age groups in the family. Moreover, the theme parks are often also customized with various additions that make them ideal for family vacations as well as for anyone seeking to have the best time with their family, especially during the holidays.

A significant portion of amusement parks has evolved over the years from European fairs and pleasure gardens, which were primarily meant for family recreation. The various expositions and world fairs were regarded as a huge influence in the development of the amusement park world. These locations present the ideal destination for family vacations, surprise your man while celebrating the day dedicated to love with the ideas at or perhaps the ideal location to engage with friends since they often feature various exciting locations and additions. For instance, you are likely to come across various buildings, landscaping, themed rides, games and attractions as well. Some of the earliest and most popular theme parks include the Bartholomew Fair and the Santa Claus Land in Indiana.

These parks as the ideal family vacation destination

Most amusement parks have undergone drastic changes over the years from the earlier designs, with various notable entertainment additions being made to attract large audiences. In fact, by the 19th century, these parks have evolved into locations of entertainment for large crowds especially families. Some of the entertainment additions that are available in the contemporary theme parks include the acrobatic, freak shows, juggling and conjuring as well. One of the world's first well-known amusement park was the Continent Bakken at Klampenborg, in Denmark that started in 1583.

A wave of entertainment upswings that occurred late in the 19th century paved the way for the development of mechanical attractions including the famous steam powered carousel and its affiliates. Most theme park proponents believe that this was the advent of the contemporary amusement park as the ideal location for families to spend time, especially during the holidays. The Vauxhall Gardens that we founded in the seventeenth century were regarded as one of the first pleasure locations, which served as an excellent location for vacations. By late in the 18th century, the location was forced to start charging specific fees for the many attractions that were provided to the audience. In fact, it was a place which was well known for drawing large crowds with the some of its pathways being adorned with tightrope walkers, fireworks, concerts and ever fire walkers as well. While the pleasure gardens were initially meant for the rich people in the society, they soon became an excellent holiday location for people from all walks of life. In fact, some of the public firework displays were placed on Marylebone Gardens, and people were able to gain access to entertainment activities such as dancing, music and even top class acrobatic demonstrations as well.

Theme park attractions for the family

Flat rides

This is a set of flat rides that most amusement parks feature and some of the main ones include the enterprise, graviton, a whirl and twister among many other attractions. It's important to note that these rides often have notable upswings, with new variations on the methods used to throw and spin passenger around such that it can keep attracting customers. A significant portion of manufacturers such as Zamperla and Huss specialize in the development of flat rides among various other theme park additions.

Roller coasters

Amusement Park enthusiasts will not be disappointed when they visit roller coasters such as Canada's Wonderland and the Behemoth. Designed with special engineering processes and materials such as steel and timber, these coasters feature several steep drops from high altitudes, making a highly exciting experience for all family members. However, for those who do not prefer thrill rides, there are other options such as fortune tellers and contortionists for a fun wait until the rest of the group is finished. For those willing to try their luck, top slot sites are also an option. High-end roller coasters may even feature unique inversions, providing riders with the thrill of being transported while in an upside-down position. Regardless of personal preferences, there are options for entertainment and fun for all who visit these amusement parks.

Best theme parks for the family


Legoland in California is a special theme park that comprises of outstanding displays that have been developed using the iconic building toy. The location has well over 50 rides that are made using LEGOs including mini cars that can be found at the Volvo Junior Driving School to roller coasters that are meant for the more adventurous families. Besides that, the park also has a unique mainland that is regarded as an excellent depiction of several regions that exist in the United States including Las Vegas and its bright lights to the monumental buildings of New York.

Cedar Point

Cedar Point Amusement Park is a major roller coaster destination for families, and it has well over 17 coasters, corkscrews and twists as well. The thrilling rides are ideal gift giving idea since it provides mom and dad the best chance to bond with the family. However, if the little ones aren’t ready for the thrill of the rides, then you might consider taking them for the Top Thrill Dragster that is well over 219 foot tall Gemini that provides enthralling excitements with speeds that average well over 6mph.

Sesame place

Although a significant portion of amusements has only small portions that are reserved for the kids, the Sesame Place in Pennsylvania is one of the highly rated theme parks that is dedicated for children. In fact, at this particular theme park, children get the opportunity to engage with other kids and parents also get to make new acquaintances as well. As a result, this location makes the ideal solution for a fun packed weekend or vacation.


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