Which Theme Parks Are Right For You And Your Family

When looking for the right place to have fun with your family, there are many things you will have to consider including where the park is, what food is available for the kids and exactly what activities you will take part in. all this is s as to ensure that everybody has fun and that you are prepared for what might come. For most people who have taken kids to parks, this trip can either be a disaster or turn out to be one of the best trips there can be. There is a lot you have to do ensure the trip is good for everybody including the kids and the grownups. You also have to choose age and height appropriate activities so that you don’t have any problems.

The other thing you should do is choose a very good activity or ride for last as you leave the park. This will make the day come to an end just fine. Be very careful what you choose to also avoid over expenditure. It will be wise to come with packed food and snacks enough for everybody. Also make sure you give the kids a budget to work with so that they do not over spend at the gift shops.

Some of the best parks around are such as:

Alton Towers

This is sort of the Disneyland in the UK. This is one of the best theme parks there is in the country. It has been built around the ruins of the Stanley Home. This gives it a good touch of history and some traditions. The rides here have been put so that they are appropriate for children above the height of 1.4m i.e. over 10 years old. The park has however, opened cloud cuckoo land which is a great for young kids too.

Loudoun Castle

It is a theme park that has the settings of the 19th century. This park is found in Ayrshire, Scotland. This park has proved to be a very kid appropriate park. The rides here have been made so that they can accommodate kids of different ages. However, ensure you look for the right one for this kids because of the difference in height.

LEGOLAND, Berkshire

This has some of the most recent rides and games for kids such as Duplo valley splash and play, the Hero factory which allows kids to build their own LEGO characters. This has been termed as one of the best theme parks there is in the UK.

Chessington World of Adventures

This park may not have some of the big rides as those in Thorpe Park and Alton towers, but it still has some fun in it. However, with the opening of the Scorpion Express, it has seen its ratings go up. Many people have now become interested in it and the fun it has to offer. This parks has about 10 themed lands including Transylvania and Mystic East. All this have worked to bring the more fun into the park

When looking for the right park for you and your kids, remember to identify the best parks for all of you. This are parks that have rides that fit all the kids you have. You can also bring another adult to help with handling the kids. This is important if you have kids of different ages such as teenagers and younger babies.


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