Dark Rides

There are some dark rides that make going to a theme park enjoyable. These dark rides are able to tell a story and really immerse a visitor in the environment. These attractions have a natural background scene with animated figures to make the ride fun and interesting. These are some interesting and fun dark theme park rides.

Happy Potter and the Forbidden Journey

This ride uses a robotic arm that will allow a rider to see Hogwarts Castle and other sites such as the Whomping Willow and the Quidditch match. This ride can be found at Universal Studies is both Florida and Japan. It will be coming to Hollywood in 2016.

Indiana Jones Adventure

This ride has a stimulation platform that was designed to look like a military transport vehicle. A visitor will go through the Chamber of Destiny then go by a lava pit, a rope bridge, and see plenty of snakes along the way. This ride can be found in Disneyland as well as Tokyo DisneySea.

Ratatouille , Remy’s Totally Zany Adventure

This ride is one of the newest attractions at the Disneyland in Paris. This ride uses modern technology since it does not have a track. There are a number of 3D images as well as special effects that attract visitors to this ride. A rider will be taken around images of giant food and kitchen utensils. They will get to see the view of Paris from the perspective of a rodent. This imaging is done using 3D projection screens.

Transformers The Ride 3D

This is will bring a person past 14 different screens and a number of props used for special effects. This ride is state of the art and the platform that the rider sits upon will spin, be lifted up, and go from one level to another. The rider will reach heights of 60 feet. This ride can be found at the Universal Studios Parks in California, Florida, and Singapore.

Mystic Manor

This manor ride will take a person inside the Haunted Mansion. This ride combines several classic movies into one cool amusement park ride. There is a background of a castle and this ride uses a track less system. There are a number of enchanted and magical objects that will move around the rider bringing the house to life.

The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman

This ride will give a person a look at a number of different 3D scenes showing Spiderman as he takes on a number of bad guys. This attraction has just been upgraded to provide the rider with one of the best visual experiences on any of these dark rides. This ride can be found at the Universal Studios parks in both Florida and Japan.

These are some of the great dark rides that a rider can enjoy. As technology advances so does the images on these rides. They are now 3D and awesome looking. These rides use the latest in special effects so that a person can enjoy the scene and enjoy the ride.


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